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A multi-pronged artist and creativity coach, Mimi has garnered over a dozen awards for her work in Theatre, Music and Voice Overs.  She has been teaching since 1980 in the US and Europe, at theatre and music schools, universities, colleges, high schools, unions, arts collectives

and prisons.

Her approach is gentle and supportive, based in non-sectuarian spiritual principles and practices. Values underpinning her work come from the Science of Mind philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson; and several forms of Psychology, which she studied on the graduate level.  


A born mystic, whose psychic abilities were studied by Harvard University researchers in 1967, Mimi has been exploring the expanded capacities of the human mind most of her life. In addition to working with writers and artists, she has been a professional psychic for 14 years (see: www.mimisetonpsychic.com)

 What is Mimi's focus with artists?

Mimi helps artists create honest work from their deepest spiritual core. This means dropping pretense, false selves, and too much effort.  It means finding your own VOICE and the courage o be true to it. 

                              2021 Projects:

 1) a new interactive Podcast:


 COME TO YOUR SENSES:  Bridging Art & Spirit.


 The show is being produced by FULL STERO TV

 and will launch later in 2021

 2) a 3-part online program for those of you interested in 

 developing your intuition.   Available starting in JUNE 2021




 3) book series (creator and editor) available on lulu.com


                   THE DISTANCE PROJECT:  

    Creative Writers Respond to Covid 19 & Changing Times      


The books are a culmination of Mimi's 8-week writers' coaching program. Every 4th book is by invitation - for pro

writers and artists.

Your 'take-away' as a writer or visual artist in the program: 


1)  work through blocks

2) develop confidence in your uniqueness

3) learn how to get in the creative flow whenever you want 

3) shift your perspectives on writing -- and on the world you perceive

4) learn new approaches to story-telling

5) hone your style

6) be edited by a professional editor and copy editor

7) learn tips on self-editing so you present more 'finished' work in future

8) publish in a handsome, print-on demand  hard-bound book

9) include the book with your legacy, share it with friends and family, or use it as a calling card in your writing or visual art business. 




Genres of writing and visual art that we accept include: 



personal essays



excerpts from original plays

diary entries





excerpts from music scores, etc.

Mimi welcomes diverse voices from around the world!













Please pay to register for the program beginning on your choice of day, the first week of July 2021: 


                  COST: 399 USD  /  369 EUR

                      (*returning clients: 299 USD)

Everyone also pays 120 USD toward publishing costs, by Sept 8th,  2021.

Space is limited:   10  places maximum


(Your money will be returned within 24 hours if the course is full when you try to sign up.)


If you are NOT a professional writer, please email a one-page writing sample to mimiseton123@gmail.com !  

We are particularly interested in writers and artists living in Asia and Africa

New client:   399 USD    Returning: 299 USD          369 eur or for returns: 269

Photo by Murray Ngoima from Vol 3 and 4 of The Distance Project -- available on Lulu . com

The Boy Loves Music by Mimi Seton

More about writers' coaching...

1)   WRITERS' COACHING PROGRAM for The Distance Project
      The stories we tell  not only express our unique world view,
      they create it.  When many people believe the same story,
      you have a mythology, a legend, a religion, a body politic,
      a tribe, a gang, a family...Story is both the connective tissue
      that unties humans in loving action, it's also the weapon that
      can tear us apart...
      What story are you currently telling yourself about Life and how
      it works?
      Why do you write? 
      What are your three non-negotiable values in your work? 
      Who are you writing for?
      What do you hope to achieve?
      How badly do you need to do it?
       Mimi will help you explore these and other questions and
       will give you permission NOT to know all the answers
       so you can explore who you are more deeply.
         We work with meditation, visualization, NLP, hypnosis,
       and creative exercises to help you heal your pivotal wounds,
       re-connect you with Source, encourage your new visions, 
       and hone your technical skills.
2)    Private COACHING -- for those not in the Distance Project
       Work on your novel, stories, plays, essays, memoirs, etc.
       Individual sessions, 60 - 90 minutes
       *Private coaching still exists for singers and actors, too
3).   EDITING for professional writers
4).   COPY EDITING services for professional writers
Female Form by Mimi Seton

Introductory client testimonials from writers:


Mimi's years as a stellar artist and artists' coach have served to foster a deep empathy with other human beings. That combined with her superior intelligence and keen intuition make her an exceptionally gifted coach. It is rare to find all of her qualities in one person. 

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas   

NY Times bestselling author of Calling In The One and Conscious Uncoupling.

"Mimi is a gifted artist, mystic and visionary who is dedicated to service to others. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. She is a source of constant inspiration. The perfect muse! With her sensitive, intuitive and skillful facilitation I have been able to bring my book from the ethereal to the tangible. The writer's block I have been experiencing for the past three years has dissolved. The words are now pouring from me! Thank you, Mimi!"  




Mimi has helped me edit and rework three novels. Her impeccable sense of timing, language and musicality give her the ability to detect and correct a false note, but also to celebrate well-written prose with heartfelt encouragement and joy. I highly recommend her editing skills for beginning writers as well as seasoned pros. She will give you the precise and insightful artistic eye that you need. Due to her many years of experience in the literary/musical/theatrical world, she is an excellent midwife for any project— she can help you bring your seed of an idea to joyful fruition.



   Author of Spencer's Pond, This is Enough, etc.


When I handed Mimi Seton my memoir, it was a "finished manuscript".  I'd had a lot of professional eyes read through my book and was working on the cover. But Mimi is so intuitive and so skilled at text analysis that she provided me with two precious gifts:  enthusiasm for what I had accomplished and a detailed list of text errors that the other readers had not caught!  I dubbed her, The Grammar Goddess!


Above all, I value the manner in which Mimi entered my book, looking at it from my point of view, eager to support my personal mission, before then looking at it as an outsider, with clear, objective scrutiny formed by decades of artistic output.  She is an amazing midwife for your artistic 'baby'! 



   Author of I Married A Munster 

introductory client testimonials from professionals in Theatre & Music:

J’ai étudié avec Mimi Seton pendant trois ans et de tous les professeur(e)s que j’ai pu rencontrer sur mon parcours, c’est la seule qui a su lier au professionnalisme de son enseignement une profonde humanité, un humour inégalable, la distance nécessaire, l’inspiration, un respect sans faille ainsi qu’une ouverture d’esprit sans pareille. Peu d’entre nous savent transmettre avec autant de ferveur et de bienveillance.»

~Sonia Codhant

Comédienne, metteure en scène, Paris

Mimi Seton's work is eloquent, trenchant, insightful, and always maintains a daring sense of immediacy.

~ Edwin Gerard

Dean of the International School Program, Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles

Watching Mimi's singing students lay it on the line is better than AMERICAN IDOL!  This is the Real Thing.

~Bill Ratner

Announcer, ABC-TV

Mimi has a keen perception for each performer's needs, and a vast range of knowledge and techniques to address them; her coaching is gentle, supportive and very much in the creative spirit. 

~Henry Aronson 

Broadway Conductor and Music Director

Mimi Seton is more than a master teacher.  She is a sensei.

~ Kary Sit

Record Producer, Japan & USA