full resumes

theatre/music pieces (writing/composing/directing plays & musicals)

BODY WITHOUT BONES written by Mimi, composed by Matthew Goldsby with Mimi

A reading with music at Skylight Theatre, 2015, directed by Julianne Just and

starring John Allee, O-Lan Jones, Anna Mathias and Jessica Rao.  2015


THE MUSIC MEDICINE SHOW (excerpt) performed at Sudio Stage Theatre L.A.

starring Marianne Lewis, Roxanne Mayweather, Natalie Fryman, Karry Keiko

Carnahan, Tony Gonzales, Chris Acuff, Cade Parenti and T.R. Krupa.  

Nick  Fryman, pianist. MB Gordy, percussion. 2015


Sisters In Peril Reading Series at Altadena Library, 2015:

MOTHER MORPHINE written and performed by  Mimi.  Featuring Rick Casorla.

CONVERSATIONS WITH THE WATER MAN written and directed by Mimi.

Starring Laurie O'Brien, Matias Ponce  and Melinna Bobadilla.

CRONES written and directed by Mimi. Starring Lily Knight and Anna Mathias. 


First Annual Summer Reading Series at The Culture Project, NYC

CRONES written and directed by Mimi. Starring Mimi Lieber and June Gable


Jazz-influenced solo PIANO ALBUMS ~ 2014


T O T E  M


Indian chant -influenced ALBUM ~ 2012

THE BRIDGE OF ETHERS ~ Mimi Seton vocals, MB Gordy percussion


CONVERSATIONS WITH THE WATER MAN ~ reading at The Actor's Studio, NYC. 2012,

directed by Darrell Larson, starring Lisa Barnes, Alex Suarez and Raquel Almazon.


THE ABDUCTION OF LADY WEN CHI ~ reading with music at The Japanese American National Museum co-produced by Judy Soo Hoo, starring Jennifer Paz, Orville Mendoza, Randy Guiya and Kerry Keiko Carnahan, etc.   Written and composed by Mimi Seton with arrangements by James Peterson.  2006.


Prior to 2006


BLUE CORRIDOR created by Mark Bringleson, written and composed by Mimi, produced by Jon Rivera at Playwrights' Arena, L.A.  Winner of Best Music Awards from local press

THE TROJAN WOMEN  adaptation (lyrics, from the Jean-Paul Sartre translation) and music composition ~ CBS TV lot, Directed by Michael Arabian. LA Ovation Award nominee for Best Adaptation

GOOD PERSON OF SEZUAN  music composition, music direction, lyrics by Mimi.  Samuel Beckett Center, Dublin.  Directed by Lily Susan Toddd (for the Trinity College graduating class in the BA in Theatre program)

SUPPERMAN written by Mimi. A commision from  the  Museum of Science and Industry, L.A

SEE BELOW MIDDLE SEA  created, composed and directed by Mimi.  Mark Taper Forum's  Taper, Too prodcued by Madeline Puzo at the John Anson Ford Theatre, Los Angeles

WAZO WAZO  created and composed by Mimi. Directed  by Tony Abatemarco and Jan Munroe, Produced by Susan Lowenberg of LA Theatre Works with Rene Auberjonois

BRAIN HOTEL co-written, co- composed and performed by Mimi.  Directed  by Tony Abatemarco, produced at the Cast Theatre by Gary Grossman and later by Sandra and John Brice.   Winner of Best Writing, Best Acting and Best Music awards for Mimi  from L.A. Weekly and Dramalogue  newspapers and the New Directions In Theatre award from LA Weekly

SIR VIVAL'S SWEEPSTAKES co-written and co-composed by Mimi for the  Jaques D'Amboise Dance program at Mark Taper Forum.  Artistic director of the project was Tony Abatemarco.

SCHWEYK IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR  Accident Theatre L.A.,  Directed by  Tony Abatemarco.

Mimi was an actor in the ensemble and composed her own solo to sing in the show.

SCHOOL TALK co-written by Mimi for the Mark Taper Forum's Improvisational Theatre Project. Dir. Peter Brocius. She also coposed her own solo to sing in the show

DREAM GUMBO  co-written by Mimi.  Berkeley Stage Co.

WOMEN SING BRECHT  co-creator,  Theatre of Mann, S.F.  Dramaturg: Susan Lyne.


CONCERTS of Mimi's music have been performed at The Gardenia Club for EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS, the Los Angeles Theatre Center, The Odyssey Theatre, Tonto and  Dietz (produced by Susan Dietz)  and Studio Stage Theatre in L.A.   









RECOVERY  a one-woman piece by Patricia Kessler, developed with Mimi in Nice, France 2021-2, currently in rehearsal with Mimi directing

AYE AYE AYE OY VEY a one-woman piece by Danya Schwartz)  Mimi co-directed the piece for Beyond Baroque in L.A. 2014

THE FEVER  a one-woman piece by Wallace Shawn, performed by Mimi at Lauderdale House, London;  the Center for the Victims of Political Torture, also in London;  Festivale du Theatre Anglophone, Paris; and in private homes in Amsterdam. Directed by Eve Pearce

FRANKIE AND JOHNNY AT THE CLAIRE DE LUNE   (Director) Espace Douze, Paris.  Starring Jesse Joe Walsh

LA GEOGRAPHIE DU DESIRE   Fanny. Directed by Tony Abatemarco at the Theatre Grevin, Paris

PRIVATE LIVES  Amanda.  Directed by Judith Burnett at Theatre Tour Tour, Les Halles, Paris

AN EVENNG WITH MARLENE  Music Director.  White Barn Theatre, Westport, CT. Starring Salome Jens and directed by Michael Arabian

GHOSTS The wife (lead) Burbage Theatre L.A.  Written and directed  by John O'Keefe.  Mimi won 2 Best Actor awards from local press.

THE LUCKY NUGGET SALOON  Diamond Lil (lead).  The musical was initially  mounted to present to Michael Eisner for his approval before assigning it as a regular feature of the then-new DISNEY FRANCE.  Mimi sang the female lead in the presentation for Mr. Eisner.   Directed by Jay Smith.

GREEN CARD   Ensemble. Written and directed by Joanne Akalaiitis with the actors. Mark Taper Forum, L.A. 

Ensemble:  Jesse Borrego, Rosalind Chao, Dana Lee, Jim Ishida, Jessie Nelson, Alma Martinez, Josie Kim, Jorge Gavan, Ray Birke, Castulo Guerra and Mimi Seton.

SCHOOL TALK and GUNS Mimi was a actor in The Improvisational Theatre Project, Mark Taper Forum. Directed by Jack Bender in GUNS and Peter Brocius in SCHOOL TALK. Producer: Philip Himberg.Ensembles included:

Forest Whitaker, Larry Wilmore, Socorro Valdez, William Dennis Hunt, Michael Arabian, Victoria Lewis etc.

BREW HA HA Improvisation company.  Company member.

THE ODD COUPLE  Cecily Pigeon.  Starring Sherman Helmsley of The Jeffersons. Directed by Stockton Briggle. Mimi and Nancy Lenehan played the Pigeon sisters.

THE IMAGINARY INVALID  Beline.  Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Directed by Michael Murray and

R.G. Davis

MESSINGKAUF DIALOGUES  Various roles including the Galileo singer.  Directed by R.G. Davis and Carl Weber (of the Berliner Ensemble).  At Epic West theatre in Berkeley, CA.

GOOD PERSON OF SEZUAN   The Third God.  Directed by Andy Doe at Berkeley Stage Co. 

CALENDAR TALES by Brecht  Various roles including Yvette from Mother Courage.

Directed by R.G. Davis, founder of the San Francisco Mime Troupe and  Epic West, Berkeley

THE UGLY DUCKLING  (Title role)  Lunchbox Theatre performing at Berkeley Repertory.  Directed by Rena Down

ROYAL GAMBIT  Anne Boleyn.   Legion of Honor Theatre, San Francisco. 

VOICES  Erin.  Considered 'the first feminist play'.  Susan Griffin, author.   Directed by Rena Down

THE PETRIFIED FOREST;  MISANTHROPE;  DRACULA : A MUSIAL NIGHTMARE, COMEDY OF ERRORS, CHARLIE'S AUNT  Actress-singer with Berkeley Repertory Theatre.  Directed by Doug Johnson 

MACBETH, THE TEMPEST, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING   Lady MacBeth, Ariel, Beatrice. For The National Shakespeare Co. (National Tour)  Directed by Philip Meister.








TV ANIMATIONS - roles for: 

Disney, Dic Studios, Hanna-Barbera, Antenne Deux Paris, Magma Films Galway,  etc.



Kimbo in KIMBO, (French production) 

Viki in VIKI THE VIKING (German production).


GUIDE TRACKS for actresses...  

Helen Hunt;  Kathy Bates



Sally Kellerman, Mae West, Katherine Hepburn



Bank of America, Clorox, Datsun, Dior, Miss Dior, Orlane, Phyto Laboratoires, Maybelline, Lancome, Guinness, Starburst Ice Cream, Jane Fonda's Workout, Universal Studios, Renault, TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes,  The Tracy Ullman Show,  Real People, etc.


DUBBING - over 100 roles in Paris, including roles for Catherine Deneuve and Marie-Christine Barrault


NORMAN NORMAL;  FLIPPER,  etc. (Magma Films Galway)

Mimi has directed recordings for independent films, actors' demos etc.



FORENSIC RISK ALLIANCE, Paris   Teaching English to French and Russian executives


PUBLIC SPEAKING WORKSHOPS - executives from Microsoft Ireland


PEARL STUDIOS NYC ~ Voice workshops gratis to the public 2012-13

U C L A EXTENSION  ~ Finding Your Voice, 2003-2006

VOICE MADE VISIBLE in L.A ~ Song Performance,  2000 - 2007

NATIONAL THEATRE OF IRELAND  ~ Singing/Song performance workshops 

TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN ~ 3 years  (monologue work, voice over and singing

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN M.A. IN THEATRE PROGRAM (substitute one semester for Kevin Crawford) 


DUBLIN SCHOOL OF ACTING (acting ~ the actioning system,  singing)

UNIVERSITY OF PARIS ~ 3 years  (Improvisation for the actor; theatre devising; scene work)



LEE STRASBERG INSTITUTE (accent reduction for foreign students)

MARK TAPER FORUM I.T.P. (teaching Theatre techniques to teenagers)



STAGES TRILINGUAL THEATRE  (Experimental Voice workshops)




voice made visible song performance program:


Mimi created a vocal performance training program which she directed from 2000 to 2007.  At the end of each 10-week training course, students performed with top musicians from well-known bands including:


Louis Durra  ~ pianist with Louis Durra Trio

Nicholas Fryman ~ Anne Margaret's pianist

Matt Gordy ~ Aretha Franklin band

M.B. Gordy ~ Opium Moon (2 Grammies); Doobie Brothers;

Rita Coolidge Group; Ann Hampton Calloway;  Hear Now Festival

Chazz Frichtel ~ Michael McDonald band









acting & directing

voice over highlights:

teaching:  performing arts, writing, e.s.l.