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selected editing & copy editing



One Planet Earth, One People, by Ainne Burke, commissioned by O.F.I.D.

The 4 R’s,  by T. Guy Chittenden (currently editing)

Spencer’s Pond ~ a novel by Cynthia Moore

I Married A Munster: My Life With Al Lewis ~  a memoir by Karen Ingenthron  Lewis

To The Stars With Difficulty ~ short stories by Jan Munroe

The Dementia Cookbook ~ a novel by Jan Munroe

All The Leaving  ~ a novel by Michelle Espinosa

2 treatments for a TV series and Film~  for Michelle Espinosa

A biography for New York dancer, Elizabeth Fernandez

Theses on Child Prostitution in Thailand ~ UCLA Doctoral student




selected writing...


...a collection of poetry about the inner journey from ego to spirit.  C. 2017





Presented by The Altadena Library in a staged reading on Nov. 13, 2015. Actresses Anna Mathias and Lily Knight played best friends from college who reunite 40 years later to lend a hand to each other in a challenging time for each of them.  Both humorous New Yorkers, one Jew and one Wasp, they compare notes on love, loss and the nature of Theatre.


Crones was also chosen by the First Annual Summer Reading Series at The Culture Project in NYC in August 2015, where it starred Mimi Lieber and June Gable.



Mimi’s satire on cosmetic surgery was produced by the Skylight Theatre in the spring of 2015 in their reading series: INKubator.  The 4 characters embody aspects of one 80-year-old woman in a riotous Expressionistic romp that explores female body image, aging and vanity.  With songs in the ‘40s Swing and British Music Hall styles, the show was composed by Matthew Goldsby.  The staged reading with singing featured: John Allee, O-Lan Jones, Anna Mathias and Jessica Rao.



A 75-minute ‘inner monologue’ of a British woman dying of cancer in a Connecticut retirement home was presented in reading form by the Altadena Library in July, 2015.  Mimi played the lead, Catherine Carmichael, whose memories haunt her as she slides toward the inevitable, but whose wit and theatricality prevent her from sliding into the morose. Richard Casorla played Catherine’s husband, Bill.



An unlikely love story between a working-class Latino truck driver of 29 and a left-wing activist of 54, set in Los Angeles in the first years of the Iraq War, The Water Man was presented at Altadena library in a reading in October, 2015, starring Laurie O’Brien, Matias Ponce and Melinna Bobadilla.  Darrell Larson directed the first reading of the play at The Actors’ Studio, NYC, 2011; it was since rewritten.





2006 and earlier



An epic romantic 3-act “Theatre concert” with an emphasis on story-telling and sophisticate singing. Eighteen characters are played by ten actor-singers who embody a formal, classical style text, often featuring iambic verse.  The story was inspired by the poetic laments of an Chinese girl who was captured by Mongol invaders in the year 195 and lived among them for 12 years before being rescued by a ransom party: Lady T’sai Wen Chi. With influences from Story Theatre and Chinese Opera, a staged reading with singing was presented at The Japanese American National Museum Special Events Series in 2006, produced by Judy Soo Hoo of East West Players with the museum.  It featured Jennifer Paz (star of Miss Saigon) in the title role.  June Angela (Tony nominee for Broadway’s Shogun) shared the leading role with her on the music demo, as well as reading the title role of Wen Chi in a private reading at Los Angeles Theatre Center. 



…was presented on the CBS TV- LOT, Los Angeles. Starring Mariette Hartley and Angela Paton. Commission. Seton adapted the Jean-Paul Sartre’s translation of the Greek classic into contemporary lyrics and composed the choral music for 8 women. She received an LA Ovation Award nomination for Best Adaptation along with director, Michael Arabian.



Produced originally at Los Angeles Playwright’s Arena

by Jon Lawrence Rivera in 1993.  Mimi: writer, lyricist and composer. The concept was by Mark Bringleson, who created and directed the show, putting together materials from the body of Mimi’s work as a writer and composer.  Mimi won a Best Music Award from Drama-Logue (shared with Andrew Lloyd Weber!) A second version of the show was produced by Jon Rivera and Ron Sossi at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, later that year.



Produced by Madeline Puzo  for the Mark Taper Forum’s Taper, Too

at the John Anson Ford Theatre in L.A.  It featured B.D. Wong in the lead~

a stunning actor now known for his TV roles on OZ and LAW AND ORDER and the lead in M Butterfly on Broadway.  The show was a multi-media event that addressed the subject of sound pollution. Seton was writer-composer-director. Musicians included: Gloria Cheng (LA Symphony), Don Preston (The Mothers of Invention), Beethoven concert pianist David Ives Anglin and percussionist M.B. Gordy (Doobie Brothers, Rita Coolidge Group etc.).



A musical originated for the Jacques D’Amboise Dance Program which engaged 120 children in public schools over the course of a year in L.A. Produced by the Mark Taper Forum.  



Produced by the Mark Taper Forum and Joyce Theatre, NYC,  devised and directed by Joanne Akalaitis with input from the original cast: Jesse Nelson, Castulo Guerra, Ray Birke, Jesse Borrego, Jose Kim, Jorge Galvan, Jim Ishida, Josie Kim, Rosalind Chao, Alma Martinez and Mimi Seton. The piece focused on immigration to Los Angeles ~ ‘the new Ellis Island’.




Commissioned by the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry, was an educational play for children on the subject of Nutrition.



Produced by LA Theatre Works with Rene Auberjonois, WAZO WAZO was a non-verbal opera conceived and composed by Seton, accompanied by Don Preston and Tom Shell, with lighting by Barbara Ling and direction by Tony Abatemarco working with Jan Munroe and Mimi. Production Awards: LA Weekly and Drama Logue.



The company of Mark Taper Forum’s Improvisational Theatre Project (ITP) created this original musical for teens. The writer-actors included Forest Whitaker, Socorro Valdez, Michael Arabian, Mimi, etc. Seton was a contributing writer and composer, performer and teacher.  Directed by Peter Brocius. Composer: Jeff Hull.



Odyssey Theatre and Cast Theatre. This hit show ran for about two and a half years in Los Angeles and was chosen to represent the city in The Olympic Arts Festival. Seton was a writer-composer and actress-singer on the piece, collaborating with Tony Abatemarco, Mark Bringleson, Bill Castellino and Jane Shulman. She won Best Actress and Best Writer awards from both LA Weekly and Drama-Logue

EARLY WORK -- included articles for the LA WEEKLY





      awards & grants


Best Acting, GHOSTS, LA Weekly

Best Acting, GHOSTS, Drama-Logue

Best Music, BLUE CORRIDOR, Drama-Logue

Best Adaptation, TROJAN WOMEN, LA Ovation Award nominee

Best Music, WAZO WAZO, LA Weekly  (also won production awards)

Best Writing, BRAIN HOTEL, LA Weekly

Best Writing, BRAIN HOTEL, Drama-Logue

Best Acting, BRAIN HOTEL, LA Weekly

Best Acting, BRAIN HOTEL, Drama-Logue

NEW DIRECTIONS IN THEATRE AWARD ~ BRAIN HOTEL from the  LA Weekly. This award was actually created by the paper to honor the production’s

precedent-setting originality.



ROCKEFELLER GRANT for Music Composition, 1986

3 CA. ARTS COUNCIL GRANTS for Artists in Social Institutions

Seton originated a program for teen-aged felons and for children in Mac Claren Hall School for abused, abandoned and neglected children. 



mimi's education - highlights

Art as Inner Schooling ~ writing and painting -(current) Center for Applied Jung, Johanessburg, S. Africa

Masters in Psychological Counseling, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara  1 year

Ph.D. program in Integrated Healing,  Barron University, L.A.  1 year

B.A. in Theatre Arts  -- Antioch College, Ohio

Mediumship -- The College of Psychic Studies, London

Diploma in  Acting with Honors,  Drama Studio, London

Play Writing, Marine Irene Fornes, Theatre for the New City, NYC

Play Writing, Lee Breuer, The Flea Theatre, NYC

History of Jazz,  The New School, NYC

South Indian Music, The New School, NYC

Jazz Harmony levels 1 -3, Dick Grove School of Jazz, L.A.

Jazz Rhythm levels 1, 2, Dick Grove School of Jazz, L.A.

Tennessee Williams, a course taught by Stella Adler, L.A.

Composing for Film - UCLA Extension 

Hindustani Chant - Sri Hanuman (from Bombay) private lessons,  Nice, France

Science of Mind practitioner training- Agape International Spiritual Center, L.A.

Psychic Intuitive Development - Marsha and Marshall Weiss, L.A.