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I first met Mimi in Ireland at the time she worked for Trinity College Dublin (late '90s).  I needed a really versatile voice actor to play the lead character and several smaller roles in an animated series for TV.   Mimi was truly dynamic.  The producers loved her so much that they hired her to be the voice director for the series!   "Norman Normal".


I found Mimi herself to be inspiring--both dedicated and efficient in getting the job done. Hiring her sped up the project and delivered higher quality overall.  She was able to suggest edits on the scripts that vastly improved them.


Personally, I loved working with her and learned so much from her. She is a true muse ~ a divine muse ~ and has a wealth of insights, experiences, and skills to bring finesse to any creative project.  


Mimi is not only musical but poetic, not only a leader but a team player.


-- John O'Shaugnessy, Studio owner /audio producer.  Formerly of Galway, Ireland


I've worked with Mimi Seton on three separate writing projects.


She helped me clarify my points, cut the excess, and preserve the best of what had emerged from me.  In the process of questioning and discussion, her insights and instincts drew out the best in what was there.   On all occasions, I found it lead me to a greater understanding of what I was actually saying. Her help was invaluable in my transformation from "good writer" to "serious writer".


--  Jan Munroe

Writer - Actor

Los Angeles, 2010


Jan Munroe is the recipient of 11 Drama-Logue and LA Weekly Awards, as well as a number of grants from the CALIFORNIA ARTS COUNCIL


“I received a commission to write O.F.I.D.’s first children’s book, One Planet Earth One People, and when I’d finished, I contracted Mimi to do the copy edit. (O.F.I.D. is an organization dedicated to eradicating global poverty.)  Mimi did a splendid job very quickly.


I had met her in the late 90s when I hired her to direct the voice recordings for one of my films. She did a spectacular job casting and directing the recordings.


Mimi is a reliable, creative and highly skilled professional with real expertise in several areas of Performing Arts and Writing. She put herself fully in service to my vision and was fun to work with.


I’m delighted to recommend her to you as an editor, voice director, colleague and friend."


AINNE BURKE -- wrier and artist on issues of ecology  (artist activist)

"Mimi is not only a Renaissance woman but also a very evolved human being.  Time spent with her is always fun, full of laughter and inspiring, filled with inquiry and wonderment on the mysteries of love, life, and the universe.   Her readinga
for me was done with the utmost loving-kindness and generosity of spirit. Mimi is a vessel of healing energy and a transformative spirit-guide who will help you realize your highest potential!"
National Best-Selling Author of Calling In The One  and Conscious Uncoupling
Co-facilitator of TV's: Women On The Edge of Evolution 

Mimi has a keen perception for each performer's needs, and a vast range of knowledge and techniques to address them; her coaching is gentle, supportive and very much in the creative spirit. 

~Henry Aronson 

Broadway Conductor and Music Director

Mimi is a composer of rare, melancholy talents.


Mimi Seton's work is eloquent, trenchant, insightful, and always maintains a daring sense of immediacy.

~ Edwin Gerard

Dean of the International School Program, Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles

Working with Mimi is a magical process that brings the singer closer to his soul, and as a result, deeper into the music. 

~Matthew Gonder

Principle Singer at Pierre Cardin’s club, MAXIM’S, Paris and vocalist on his collaboration with Mimi JAZZ LULLABIES, currently selling on Amazon, Itunes, Apple, etc.




















Edward Scissorhands's House.jpg

Edward Scissorhands's House -- collage by Mimi                                     Moonlit Night for Pierre  -- mixed media collage by Mimi