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              NYC, USA Tel 646 991 6290 (currently closed)   


                PARIS, FRANCE  Tel: + 33  6  89  04  99  87




    costs 2020

Coaching:  currently ONLY online 

reduced prices in red below during COVID19 lockdown

60 min private $55
90 min private $75
60 min private 35 eur
90 min private  50 eur

Coaching - Groups

(unavailable as of Mar 2020 due to COVID19;  will update as things progress)

4 hour workshop  $220
8-hour workshop $325
4 hour workshop 180 Eur
8 - hour workshop 285 Eur


60 min lesson for individuals  30 euros
2 hour lessons for businesses at
55 euros per hour - 110 Eur
          ....from the American Screen Actors' Guild
“Mimi ~ You are such a wonderful teacher!  I loved watching you in action! The evaluations were all good;  our members really enjoyed your workshop and want you back again.  You handle yourself with such grace, intelligence, humor and patience – all very important things in a teacher (and a person). I’m so glad we finally met – you’re one of those people I could converse with all day long!  Thank you so much, Mimi, for your time and energy. We really appreciate it and hope you’ll come back again.”
Stacey Jackson, NY Program Director  ~ SAG Foundation

audio directing services:


* creating actor's VO 'maquette'


* studio directing for


    Voice Overs  - spoken & sung

    Commercials, industrials, Animated films,  etc.

Project fee - determined on individual basis

              Goodnight And Lullaby

                   Lyrics and Music by Mimi Seton

                         VOCAL Matthew Gonder 

                         BAND  The Louis Durra Trio


recorded by Scott Fraser at Architecture Studio, L.A.

       All photos, art, lyrics and music on this site were created by Mimi Seton  ~ who also built the site. c. 2016