fees - 2021

pastel drawing by Mimi Seton

editing - per hour

55 USD / h.
45 EUR / h
copy editing - per hour
45 USD / h.
35 EUR / h.

book editing:


Mimi will propose a total fee and time frame to complete either...

A) an edit and copy edit 


B) a copy edit only

to decide if mimi is the editor for you...

1)  submit a writing sample of 5 pages

then discuss the project

           IF YOU WORK TOGETHER...

2) mimi edits your book in segments

and sends you her work every 50 pages 

3)  you discuss her edits with her

4)   she does the revisions

5)   when the manuscript is complete, she sends you a clean version of your book so you can read through and discuss any final cuts or changes needed

 *.   please count on a fee of between

 3000 and 6000 USD for a book of 

 180 - 350 pages in length


*.    manuscripts should be submitted in         Times New Roman font, 12 pt., double-


*.     short pieces are paid on an hourly rate,

*      fees vary 

  according to style, content, and the 

  level of proficiency of the writer

*      fees must be paid in 2 payments,

  before the editing begins

*.     you may discuss further fee reductions

  with mimi if you are in financial hardship


120 USD
PUBLISHING FEE for writers & artists
100 Euros


who are NOT in The Distance Project program

Woman In The Sidewalk by Mimi Seton
60 min $55
90 min $75
60 min    35 euros
90 min 50 euros
          ....from American Screen Actors' Guild
“Mimi ~ You are such a wonderful writing teacher!  I loved watching you in action! The evaluations were all good;  our members really enjoyed your workshop and want you back again.  You handle yourself with such grace, intelligence, humor and patience – all very important things in a teacher (and a person). I’m so glad we finally met – you’re one of those people I could converse with all day long!  Thank you so much, Mimi, for your time and energy. We really appreciate it and hope you’ll come back again.”
Stacey Jackson, NY Program Director  ~ SAG Foundation

Below is a little treat to help you relax in stressful times.

Words and music by Mimi Seton

Vocals by Matthew Gonder

Played by the Louis Durra Trio

Recorded at Architecture Studio, L.A., Scott Fraser - engineer

 All photos, art, lyrics and music on this site were created by Mimi Seton  ~ who also built the site. c. 2016 and revised in 2021