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Since 2015, Mimi has been working with Photography, mostly making photo collages in an Abstract Impressionist style.   She is inspired by her love of Nature, Geometry, Color, and a search for beauty in the quotidian.   


Many of her pictures are based on noticing the 'artistic' details in ordinary things - mudd on the concrete sidewalk you are walking on, a piece of bark, a single leaf, and so on.  She usually color-tints these details and arranges them either as Minimalist color-field Art pieces or images that suggest humanoid, plant, animal or architectural forms.  Often, the picture reveals itself in the process of making it, rather than being the result of something she holds in her mind. 

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Tender Shells - c. Mimi Seton
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Music:  "Tender Shells" composed by Mimi for her theatre-concert WAZO WAZO

The Swarm #5 ...from "Office Art for the End of the World" 

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New York & Paris Collages -  constructed from buildings & sidewalks
(above and below)
Reflections in a sidewalk after a rain...
Collages built from photos of sidewalks and skies - color tinted, mirrored, inverted, etc. to create new forms
 Female Forms:
 Flower and Leaf collages; leaves doubled;  collages assembled with pictures of leaves and sky, color-tinted

Lily pond collages (top row);  leaf collages; Bird-Woman collages created from petals and leaves only

sketches, drawings, paintings


& painterly photos

Architecture-inspired Photo Collages




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Goddess Temple Stained Glass 6