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....a multi-talented writer, artist and coach.  Mimi had a 40-year career as a writer-composer, performer, theatre and audio director, voice and song performance teacher.

In mid-life, she trained as a psycho-therapeutic counselor and is dedicated to helping others bridge Art and personal Spirituality.   In Jungian language, Mimi is an "intuitive feeling type" who creates works of art first through intuition, then shapes them using critical intelligence, skill, social awareness and a personal aesthetic. 

Most of Mimi's coaching clients want to learn how to access their creative flow at will, to work through blocks, clarify and organise their vision and the actual text so far, and enrich the quality of the writing to reach the highest standard possible.   Mimi shares processes designed to deepen your relationship with your true self so your writing has integrity and honesty.  This is tantamount to a "spiritual process" which automatically opens the flow of "something bigger than yourself" expressing through you.  Your experience will now be to express yourself honestly and unselfconsciously, with ease and grace.

In short: Mimi encourages people to first embody the Dionysian wildness of the unruly creative force and then to apply Apollonian principles of order and beauty, with the understanding that your personal "Apollo" may be far from the classical version!  S'he may be one who finds "Beauty" where others see only ugliness or insignificance: from a pile of dirt to a crumpled old sweater.

Writers and artists always have an important role to play in the awakening of Humankind,  but particularly now  in these challenging times of transition when the traditional social structures are crumbling and our global society seems to be more chaotic, violent and menacing than ever.  Though there are positive signs that people are becoming spiritually and socially awakened around the world, bringing in greater justice for women, people of color, and non-binary sexuality,  the struggle is still in full throttle and new problems arise every day for us to solve. 

Mimi considers it a privilege to hold people in a field of kindness and non-judgmental support as we weather the intense turbulence of these transitional years and commit more deeply to creating a better world for everyone. 

A born mystic whose psychic abilities were recognized by Jose Silva in 1967 and studied by Harvard University researchers, Mimi Seton's foremost curiosity is the nature of consciousness, particularly as it pertains to human artistry and the ability to treat all living beings with compassion.



10 Deep Blue Lace.jpg
Photo by artist and teacher, Murray Ngoima, a contributor to Mimi's book series:  THE DISTANCE PROJECT -- Creative Writers Respond to Covid 19 and
Changing Times

Apollo With His Ferris Wheel 2.jpg
Apollo With His Ferris Wheel,   photo by Mimi Seton 2021, Nice, France
Dionysus Under The Influence - rapidograph drawing by Mimi Seton
BAcchus Under The Influence 3.jpg
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