1)  Everyone is Creative





  • Meditation - to quiet your 'mind' chatter

  • Open Eye meditation with a partner - to develop the courage to be truly 'present'

  • Body awareness – your posture, breath and subtle energy

  • Reading the psychological meaning of physical gestures

  • Letting go of judging self and others - becoming  trustworthy

  • Improve your listening skills and powers of observation

  • See, hear and touch anew – refresh your senses to inspire new perspectives

  • Prioritize your values – then put them in your creations

  • Recognizing your Highest Calling

  • The words you use  - do they limit or liberate you?

  • How to call forth what you desire rather than what you DON’T desire

  • Releasing the need for approval from others - self-love vs Self-Love

  • What does your 'gut' say?

  • Coming from the heart – the power of vulnerability

   *   Questions that open vs questions that close you down

   *   Role-playing -- how did you develop a 'learned behavior' that blocks your freedom now?

  • Concentration and Imagination games

  • Seeing your creative project or vision as “already done” – playing with Time

  • Improvisation:  spontaneity as the antidote to over-thinking

  • Meet an inner ‘spirit-guide’ who unblocks your unique creativity

2)  The Voice & Spirituality Experience


A typical, two-day  'Experience' might go like this...


1)  Group CHANTING -- to circulate our energy, center us in our 'Higher Self' and warm up the voice


2)  Western SINGING warm-up -- breath, spinal alignment,  pitch, resonance, articulation

     Includes easy group improvisations, 'sound circles', collective composing, and other creative 'games' 


4)  Individual work to RELEASE BLOCKS and mannerisms that are specific to you -- working with a solo

     song or a speech you have prepared prior to the workshop


5)  MOVEMENT improvisations playing with the 4 elements and the 4 cardinal emotions 


6)  Telling the STORY of YOUR LIFE in terms of the 3 - 5 most important EMOTIONAL events;  telling the story

     of your life in 5 drawings


7)  LEARNED BEHAVIOR  -  an exercise using abstract sound and movement that reveals how you learned

     something you do currently

8)  Working with objects as PUPPETS to tell a personal story




10) TONING to HEAL SELF and OTHERS - practicing psychic/intuitive receiving of information from the Self,

      the collective wisdom, the 'Goddess' or 'God' of your understanding 

11) Manifestation Circle -- How to use your Voice to 'conjure' desired experiences


This workshop is for all kinds of public speakers, from teachers to politicians, actors to inspirational speakers and authors who read in public.   

1) fundamentals of voice technique:


spinal alignment




2) stagecraft:  how to grab the audience's attention and keep it

3) content/ text/ what you are saying

4) knowing your strengths and capitalising on them when speaking in public




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