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Below are samples of  Mimi's composing and songwriting,  She has written mostly for Theatre, Choral Performances, Cabaret and Club Acts.   Her music has gleaned a number of press awards. More audio samples are available on www.mimisetonmusic.com & You Tube.
"Our Son" from Wen Chi - c. Mimi Seton 2006
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What About Us? from Trojan Women - C/P Mimi Seton, soloist Ali Olmo
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"Aperatif" from Wazo Wazo - c.Mimi Seton
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Caucasian And Pretty from Body Without Bones - c. Matthew Goldsby & Mimi Seton
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"Walking To Work" from Wazo Wazo - c. Mimi Seton 1984
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Lady Moon - C/P Mimi Seton, vocal by Matthew Gonder
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Below: The Greek Muse of Theatre
All albums by Mimi Seton are available on www.cdbaby.com 
Cover Art for her two jazz-influenced piano improvisation albums,
N A K E D and  T O T E M, is by my beloved friend, the painter and shaman,  Fu-Ding  Cheng of LIQUID LIGHT PRODUCTIONS, Venice, CA.. Cover Art for The Bridge of Ethers was designed by web designer and artist, Victor De Castro of Fairfield Co., CT.
"Jean Luc" from NAKED - c. Mimi Seton 2012
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Mimi's 2 solo piano albums, both jazz influenced, and her chant album improvised with percussonst, M.B. Gordy, can be downloaded from www.cd.baby.com.  
A short clip from The Bridge of Ethers, this is a traditional, simple prayer to Lord Shiva that many people enjoy from the Nada Yoga canon of devotional songs.  Other songs on the album are entirely improvised
clip from "Shiva" - c.MImi Seton (with M.B. Gordy)
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