MIMI'S two projects for  ELDERS include:  HIGHPOINTS and The LOVE LETTER


                                                 HIGHPOINTS ~ A Short Memoir


Mimi assists elders in creating 25-30 page memoirs of the high points of their lives.  


The process begins with you answering pertinent questions to discover what has been most important to you, including the historical events that shaped you and the family relationships that most influenced you.  


Mimi edits and copyedits your writing to create a beautiful and moving testament to include with the legacy you leave your family.  


This is a personal memoir (not for publication) designed to pass on your knowledge, wisdom and values to th future generations of your family and the people they influence.  




From FRANCE, please Telephone 06. 89. 04. 99. 87.  to set up a meeting with Mimi on Skype -- or she can meet you in-person in your home in PARIS or the near suburbs.

After your meeting, you will know if you have the rapport required to make this an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

Mimi creates an atmosphere of respect, confidentiality, and emotional safety for you to work in.  







                                                        The Love Letter



Mimi assists elders in writing a 5-page document in letter form that contains their true feelings about family ~ from anger to love.  


This is a healing process for the writer -and for those who read the letter as well.   


It's also a way of leaving your family with greater insight into what made you 'tick'.


We often stop ourselves from saying what we really feel but this means the emotional waters between people get very murky.  So the main objective of The Love Letter process is to move you and your family into a deeper level of LOVE than ever; it's a psychological tool primarily.


The potential second benefit is that it can inspire the creation of a moving piece of writing -- and even something that might be called, "a work of art".


The Love Letter is left for your family as part of your legacy.









ELDERS with serious financial challenges may speak to MIMI about doing either HIGHLIGHTS or THE LOVE LETTER for a reduced rate -- based on INCOME.   TEL .  06. 89. 04. 99. 87 in PARIS.   

You will be working in person -- or on SKYPE.   THREE SESSONS of 90 minutes - 2 hours each.

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