rehearsal photos

Walking To Work from WAZO WAZO - C.P. Mimi Seton
Back row: Tony Abatemarco, Marta Woodhull, Roxanne Mayweather, Craig Zehms.  Front: Judy Schonebaum, Mark Bringleson, Jan Munroe and Nijole Sparkiss.   Lighting by Barbara Ling
Above:  Mimi playing the Isabella character in Bertolt Brecht's play, Roundheads and Peekheads directed by  Andy Doe, head of UC Santa Cruz Drama Dept.

resting before The White Whore And The Bit Player, 1972, Antioch College

In the 1st SF Playwrights Foundation Festival, directed by Alma Becker

Jesse Borrego from Joanne Akalaitis's GREEN CARD (Mimi was a cast member too)

Mimi and Ona Verushka singing The Alabama Song from Little Mahagony. Directed by R.G. Davis at Epic West.

The Fever

Mimi in Wallace Shawn's solo piece, The Fever, at Lauderdale House, London, Directed by the superb Eve Pearce, formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Co. Early 90s.

Greg Thirloway 2

Greg Thirloway flying over B D Wong in Mimi's multi-mediat piece, See Below Middle Sea at the Mark Taper Forum's TAPER TOO festival, late 80s.

Cast of Wazo Wazo, composed and created by Mimi Seton mid '80s, LA.

Cast of Brain Hotel, L.A. c. 1982: Mimi, Mark Bringleson, Bill Castellino, Jane Shulman ~ all writer-performers. Dir. by Tony Abatemarco.

Roxanne Mayweather in See Below Middle Sea

Mimi with manuscript of See Below Middle Sea for LA Weekly Interview

See Below cast in color

Cast of See Below Middle Sea

With B.D. Wong, star of Mimi's 'See Below Middle Sea'

Greg Thirloway, William Paisley and Roxanne Mayweather in See Below Middle Sea, Taper, Too

Don Preston (Mothers of Invention) played for Mimi's pieces, Wazo Wazo and See Below Middle Sea

Judith Schonebaum, singer in Wazo Wazo

Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors cast~ Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Mimi, Joe Spano, Karen Ingenthron, Ron Vernan, Linda Lee Johnson.

John O Keefe

Playwright John O'keefe int he middle ~ Mark Bringleson and Tina Preston on the ends

Cast of Green Card ~ including Mimi, Jessie Nelson, Jesse Borrego, Jim Nishida, Ray Birke, Dana Lee, Alma Martinez, Rosalind Chao, Costulo Guerra an Josie Park ~ at the Mark Taper Forum

Mimi getting a kiss from Dick Shawn

Mimi getting a kiss from Dick Shawn in The Emperor's New Clothes, (Showtime TV)

Composer Matthew Goldsby rehearsing for the reading of Mimi's, Body Without Bones, for Skylight Theatre 2015

Mimi playing Fanny in La Geographie Du Desir, Theatre Grevin, Paris. Dir. by Tony Abatemaro.

Jean Francois Rey

Jean Francois Rey in performance at U of Paris (dir by Mimi)

Tommie Thompson NYC 2013

Tommie Thompson (from The Wiz) in Mimi's singing class in NYC 2013

Nick and MB Gordy

Nick Fryman, pianist, with MB Gordy, drummer, Music Medicine Show excerpt, Studio Stage, L.A. 2015

Hot Night In The City 2014

Angie Jarre, Cortez Alexander and Ali Olmo singing a tune from Body Without Bones by Matt Goldsby and Mimi for Playwrights' Arena fundraiser, L.A. 2014

Marianne Lewis ~ singer and inspirational speaker who has worked with Mimi on several projects, including this year's Music Medicine Show excerpt.

Tony Gonzales singing in The Music Medicine Show excerpt 2015, conceived and composed by Mimi Seton

Audience at Music Medicine

Patrick De Santis, a colleague of Mimi's from the improvisation company Brew Ha Ha and Peggy Baldwin, cellist for Mimi's play, The Abduction Of Lady Wen Chi

Music Medicine Show 2015

Music Medicine Show excerpt, Studio Stage, L.A. 2015. MB Gordy, Tony Gonzalez, Cade Parenti

Men in Music Medicine

Tony Gonzales, Cade Parenti, T.R. Krupa and Chris Acuff singing in an excerpt from the Music Medicine Show, 2015

Music Medicine Show

Mimi with cast of Music Medicine

Music Medicine 2015

Roxanne, Marianne, Natalie and Kerry (L to R) Music Medicine excerpt

with Laurie O'Brien, star of Mimi's play reading: Conversations With The Water Man

Mimi and Chazz Frichtel, bass player, at the reading of MOTHER MORPHINE, written and performed by Mimi with Chazz and Rick Casorla at Altadena Library, 2015

Actors Angela Paton, (Mimi), Darrell Larson, O-Lan Jones and Jessica Rao at the reading-with-songs of Mimi's play, Body Without Bones, Skylight Theatre, L.A. 2015


Lily Knight & Anna Mathias, Mimi, Mindy Kittay and Tina Preston

Rehearsing The Music Medicine Show (excerpt) 2015, L.A.

Mega-talent, O-Lan Jones in Mimi's play, Body Without Bones ~ a reading with songs at Skylight Theatre.

Actor, singer, composer, pianist John Allee, who played Male Mother in the reading at Skylight theatre of Mimi's play, Body Without Bones. Music by Matthew Goldsby.

Ali Olmo

Ali Olmo who sang on the demo for Body Without Bones and has done several of Mimi's musical projects prior, including the solo demo for CAT/GATO ~ a song Mimi wrote from Sesame Street star, Sonia Menzano.

Jessica Rao and Anna Mathias rehearsing for the Body Without Bones reading at Skylight Theatre, L.A. 2013

Tony Abatemarco with the the director of the Body Without Bones reading, Julianne Just

Robert Boress (L) who played in Mimi's piece 'See Below' and Fu Ding Cheng who did the cover art for her jazz albums

Story-teller and percussionist, Danya Schwartz, whose one-woman show ('Aye Aye Aye Oy Vey!') Mimi co-directed for performance at Beyond Baroque, 2014


Cast of Mimi's show, Blue Corridor, created by Mark Bringleson

Roxanne Mayweather and Craig Zehms rehearsing See Below Middle Sea at Taper, Too

Setting up the piano for Mimi's voice workshops at Pearl Studios, NYC

Mimi in a small role on Streets of San Francisco with Michael Douglas...playing an angry young prostitute

Roxanne Mayweather in the excerpt from The Music Medicine Show

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Tommie Thompson in Mimi's voice class NYC 2012

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Tony Gonzales in Music Medicine
Tony Gonzales in Music Medicine

Natalie Fryman and Tony Gonzales in The Music Medicine Show 2015 (excerpt)

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O-lan Jones rehearsing for the reading of BODY WITHOUT BONES

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Students of Mimi's vocal program in L.A.

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Christian Erickson in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane ~ directed by Mimi in SW Ireland.

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Mimi in, The Princess And The Pea, Showtime TV

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Playing Bubi, the m.c. in, Nightclub. Directed by David Copelin

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Wazo Wazo

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Michelle Dunker singing Body Without Bones song

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Michelle Dunker, Angie Jarre, Cortez Alexander and Ali Olmo singing songs from Body Without Bones at the annual fundraiser for Playwrights Arena, L.A.

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Lily Knight and Anna Mathias who starred in Mimi's play, CRONES in a reading at Altadena Library 2015

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Actors Matias Ponce, Mimi and Melinna Bobadilla at the reading of Mimi's play, Conversation With The Water Man (2015)

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Danya Schwartz in her one-woman show Aye Aye Aye Oy Vey that Mimi co-directed

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Actress, Tina Preston, working on Mimi's play, CRONES

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M.B. Gordy and friend, editing Mimi's chant album

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Mimi rehearsing Music Medicine Show with singers Marianne Lewis (L) and Natalie Fryman

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Body Without Bones  DOLL image (9)
Body Without Bones DOLL image (9)

A photo of the puppet that inspire Mimi's musical play: BODY WITHOUT BONES

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