Mimi Seton’s online writing workshop has helped me to deal effectively with some long-standing issues so that I can write with ease and pleasure. I have an MFA in creative writing and a lot of experience with writing workshops; what Mimi does as a teacher/coach is original, creative, and transformative. 


(newly retired) Professor, Rice University

Ph.D. English Language and Letters

Each session with Mimi leaves me feeling joyful and energized. This is my first experience working with a real editor. Mimi has an outstanding ability to listen, discern, and bring full attention to the writing of another person. I feel I have received a gift of inestimable value to know that I am heard, understood, and that my work is being considered deeply. The Distance Writing Project provides structure and reason to develop a daily writing practice. I write out of pressing need to communicate, but struggle to to use language effectively. Mimi affirms the worth of the time and energy devoted to this effort. I am excited to learn about language in ways I previously never imagined. Mimi opens new vistas each time we meet. She provides me with tools and skills that enable me to thrive in these challenging times when our means of connecting with others has been so drastically compromised.   


Artist, Teacher and Activist

Vermont, USA

Mimi is an extraordinary writing coach.  She is a great listener, she understands the writer, and curates her advice based on their skill level.    She taught me to use the power of meditation and intuition to write in a way that connects better with a reader. 


Mimi also gave me useful tips about how to create powerful images with words that can transport the reader to a certain state of mind. I would recommend her services to everyone, whether they are a novice or an expert."


Ph. D. candidate in Mathematics, N.Y.U.  New York. (from N. India)

Working with Mimi Seton is always an amazing and fascinating journey. Mimi has exceptional abilities of crafting each session into a deeply meaningful personal experience. Thank you Mimi! 

Linda Yount

(retired) grade school teacher, artist and singer

Southern California, USA

I have recently completed the first two-month session of The Distance Project with Mimi Seton.   This was an invaluable experience both personally and creatively. Mimi Seton’s writing, editing and counselling skills combine to encourage us to discover our and craft it into excellent writing.  With her highly intuitive storytelling skills and understanding of my needs, she has taught me the foundations of better story writing.  Hopefully this will make my work more accessible to readers in general and embellish my own skills as a Communications Coach.


Paris, France

Communications Coach 



Mimi listens with care and compassion and this enables her to bring out the very best in you.  Mimi is an inspiring writing coach and editor.  Thank you, Mimi.


(retired) Manager at ATT

Special Ed teacher and social activist

Los Angeles, CA




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