I'm excited to offer 10 diverse writers an 8-week creative process to respond to the beginning of the pandemic -- quarantine, social distance, isolation, etc. 


As of April 8 there are  5 places left.


You will only need to write for about an hour per week, plus do a one-hour coaching session with me each week. Participation FEE: $216. payable by April 14th.


You’ll be writing a total of 8 pieces which can be as short as a haiku and as long as 3 pages.


Coaching will be on WhatsApp telephone , or Skype. 


As an artists' "muse", I share techniques to get your creative flow going; inspire you with suggested themes, first lines, kinds of narrator, etc. ; ask questions that help jog intriguing associations; take you on short imagination journeys  to get to your deeper feelings and values; help you clarify your best ideas; and give you a few tips on mechanics of editing if you are not a seasoned writer already who is already an excellent self-editor.

You will email me a piece each week and I will edit it.


In the coaching session, I will explain the choices I made and allow you to determine which edits you want to keep.

After we have the edited version, I'll do a copy edit, fixing any grammatical and spelling errors,  while you write your next piece.

At the end of the two months, I'll arrange the order of the works and we'll self-publish the collection.  


This project will give you a tangible record to remember your CREATIVE RESPONSE to the beginning of this extraordinary global experience -- which you can use as you wish. Read from it in public readings. Offer it as gifts. Or keep with your important documents as part of your legacy.

We’ll have a Zoom chat with all the people on the project and discuss our self-publishing process.

Responding creatively to the COVID19 pandemic will help us all deal with the immense feelings coming up now in most of us -- and that in turn will help us maintain our health.


The project also gives us an opportunity to develop our VISION of what Good could come out of this worldwide "disaster". No Good ever manifests without us creating it first in the mind  and the human species need Clear Vision right now more than ever, given the magnitude of our problems. Nature – or God – or Fate – is giving us an opportunity right now to go within and reflect, contemplate, meditate – and determine how we’re going to live from now on.

There are no requirement for the content or style of your writing, but this is a project for CREATIVE RESPONDERS – rather than journalistic essayists sharing statistics and facts.  It's your honest FEELINGS, PERCEPTIONS, OBSERVATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS, IMPRESSIONS and STORIES that I'm most interested in helping you capture and share. The IDEAS that are right now taking form in the first stages of isolation and quarantine.

What is this experience bringing up for YOU?

It would be wonderful to have a participant or two from CHINA, including  Chinese people living abroad, and indeed other Asians who may be suffering from a surge of racist reactions to the pandemic.

Participants from all countries are welcome so long as you write in English. If your English is a bit awkward, that's ok; I can help you improve.   All people 18 and over are welcome.  





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