THE DISTANCE PROJECT -- Creative Writers Respond to Covid-19 and Changing Times


I'm excited to offer 10 diverse writers an 8-week creative process to respond to the global pandemic of the coronavirus.  You may write about quarantine, social distancing, isolation, encounters with the authorities, medical care,  death and dying, and all other issues that converge with the global pandemic in ways that are important to you personally.


As of JUNE 24 there are  5 places left for SESSION TWO (volume 2)


You will need to write for at least an hour per week -- some write much more but it is not required.  Plus you will do a one-hour private coaching session with me each week.

You’ll be writing a total of 1 - 5 pieces which can be as short as a haiku and as long as 3 pages each.


Coaching sessions are held on  WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype. 

We start the program with a coaching session to help get you in the right frame of mind to create with EASE!


YOU will then write a piece, send it to me, I will edit and send it back.


In our next coaching session we discuss the current version.



The book that comes out of this writing project will give you a tangible record to remember your CREATIVE RESPONSE to the beginning of this extraordinary global experience -- which you can use as you wish. Read from it in public readings. Offer it as gifts. Or keep with your important documents as part of your legacy.

Responding creatively to the COVID19 pandemic helps us all deal with the immense feelings coming up now in most of us -- and that in turn will help us maintain our health.


The project also gives us an opportunity to develop our VISION of what Good could come out of this worldwide "disaster".

I welcome participants from every country!

Please feel free to tell your friends about the project.  

Be well - create - and stay well!





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