The Yoga of Intuition

Everyone is welcome to participate in our online audio course designed to help

you access your amazing intuitive mind.   

Although you may not yet be truly connected to it, you are already intuitive.  Already super-conscious.   Already enlightened!  In another dimension of your being, that is.  Most of the time on earth, in the current system we live in, human beings labor in a morass of egoic ploys, conditioned beliefs, a vulnerable sense of separation, and a wash of emotional confusion.  We don't SEE what the greater part of our own consciousness sees -- which is love, creativity, beauty, harmony, peace, and infinite curious expansion into more and more possible experiences.

Level One of "The Y of I" consists of a video introduction and 6 audio recordings of creative visualization processes that you do with your eyes CLOSED in your own "sacred space" at home.   


There is also a talk on how to create a "sacred space" so no worries if you don't know what that term means.   


The program as a whole helps you prepare the soil of your mind for planting seeds that will flower. 

All the processes are done IN THE MIND!


Lesson 1:  Aligning Your Spine

Lesson 2:  Calming Breath

Lesson 3:  Creating Your Happy Place

Lesson 4:  The Rock Star Visualization

Lesson 5:  Running Colors Self-Healing

Lesson 6:  Inner Seeing, Inner Hearing, Inner Sensing:  Psychic Perception

We want you to enjoy learning how to go into the theta brain state at will-- to enjoy slowing down your own brain waves.  Science has proven that human beings more easily access intuitive wisdom, heightened creativity and psychic information when their brainwaves are in the theta state, a natural state we pass through when going to sleep or waking up, but which we often move through too quickly to take advantage of.  When we can consciously sustain that state of very deep relaxation, we can reap immense benefits including increased intuitive perception.

Each lesson is about 30 minutes long.  Mimi believes that our mind needs to be cultivated like a garden.   Watered.  Pruned.  Tended.   That means giving yourself time to be quiet and empty the mind of chatter.  To let go of technology and silence all your devices.   To sink into the peace and sense of well-being in stillness as your body produces healthy chemicals including increased T-cells, and as your mind prepares to access the many gifts of intuition and creativity that arise out of your own deep Self.


We hope you will enjoy taking the time to get to know yourself on deeper levels as you practice the Y of I processes.   You do not have to "do it right".  There is no one grading you!  No one scolding you!  No one judging you.  

The Y of I is  all about turning within and connecting with what some native Americans call The Great Spirit, what Hindus call the Self, what Christians call Christed Consciousness.

We believe we've created a friendly, supportive, mind-training program. Visualization is the primary tool.   This must not be poo-pooed; visualization is a spiritual and creative tool of the first order, through which you can invite the largest and most enlightened part of yourself to perceive and create through you.   

There is no contest between that part of you and your ego.  Your Self will provide better ideas, more radiant health,  higher wisdom, and the non-local perceptions that give you  what seems to some like "magical powers".

We will post LEVEL ONE program and the purchase process on this page very soon!